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STREET LAW - Justice Education

“Street Law” covers a variety of community legal education programmes and curriculums around the world that all share a common goal:  


To teach communities and individuals about their rights, responsibilities and the law

in their everyday lives to advance the empowerment of the community


Our Street Law Programme seeks to engage and empower communities by making the law accessible to all and by supporting non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to incorporate rights-based practices.  We use interactive methods to teach practical law lessons to non-legal professionals, marginalized community groups, and other members of the community.

Benefits for Law Firm Volunteers

  • Provides a rewarding way for lawyers and paralegals to use their legal skills and knowledge to benefit the community

  • Provides an opportunity for lawyers to engage with law students at the University of Hong Kong as well as members of NGO partners who are collaborating with HKU to implement community legal education courses

Overall Benefits of
Community Legal Education

  • Transfers knowledge and encourages collaboration within and among communities

  • Mobilizes individuals and groups to pursue their rights

  • Reaches segments of the community not necessarily reached by traditional legal services

Benefits for HK Law Students

  • Instills a sense of community and public service - Engages students in meaningful collaborations and knowledge exchange activities with the greater community

  • Provides an opportunity for students to hone skills relevant and necessary for any area of legal practice: understanding of the law, ability to think on one’s feet to respond to unexpected questions, communicating complex legal concepts to non-lawyers, public speaking and presentation skills, establishing trust and confidence building in client relations, and planning, preparation and legal research abilities


Our Street Law programme encourages members of the community, law firm volunteers, and university students to work as a cohesive and collaborative team of life-long learners and engaged citizens. As a result, students at HKU and law firm volunteers have developed close partnerships with marginalized communities and NGOs across Hong Kong.


Our partners include Chosen Power, Connecting Myanmar, Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, Mother’s Choice, Migrasia, EmpowerU, PathFinders, PILnet, Mender of Things (MoTH), S.T.F.A. Leung Kau Kui College, BABSEACLE, University of Pasundan, Street Law Inc., Georgetown Street Law Program, Pennsylvania State University, Monash University, Ropes and Gray, Skadden, and Mayer Brown.

For information about our recent workshop, Street Law in Asia: Best Practices in Community Legal Education, please see our workshop website:



Chosen Power

Developing legal curriculum and leading interactive workshops to support self-advocacy

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