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Mother's Choice

Child Protection Manual and Training Project


Mother’s Choice is a grassroots non-profit organization that provides and promotes loving, nurturing care for babies and children needing permanent homes, and for single girls and their family facing crisis pregnancies.


Background of the Clinical Partnership

The understanding of child protection law in Hong Kong varies between social workers, medical professionals, and judicial officers and is often subject to personal interpretation.  Mother’s Choice and students from the Human Rights in Practice clinic (Sept - Dec 2015) researched, developed and drafted a child protection manual based on an interpretation and summary of the relevant laws, policies and best practices.  The manual has since been used as a training tool for social workers and other professionals to ensure that all child welfare professionals within Mother’s Choice and around Hong Kong have a common understanding of the rights of children.


HKU law students developed and continue to expand an interactive legal training curriculum to accompany the Child Protection Manual.  The students collaborate with pro bono lawyers to run the interactive legal training sessions with Mother’s Choice social workers and case workers.



The aim of the manual and training curriculum is to align practices that:-

1) promote proper assessment and planning for children at risk;
2) have proper supervision and oversight of decisions;

3) collect and aggregate relevant statistics; and

4) provide proper services for children in care.



The Child Protection Manual CHIN / ENG


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