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Government Policies/Strategies

The Advisory Group on Eliminating Discrimination against Sexual Minorities was formed in 2013 to replace the Sexual Minorities Forum to advise the Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs on issues concerning sexual minorities, and to map out strategies to tackle discrimination.  A Report of the Advisory Group on Eliminating Discrimination against Sexual Minorities was published by the Advisory Group on 31 December 2015.


Local businesses, multinational corporations, and universities are encouraged to adopt the Code of Practice against Discrimination in Employment on the Ground of Sexual Orientation.  The pledge is, however, voluntary in nature.


The Electric Health Record Sharing System Ordinance (Cap. 625 of the Laws of Hong Kong) enacted on 13 July 2015 includes provisions by which cohabitating partners (heterosexual or same-sex) are recognised as having rights to make medical treatment decisions on behalf of their partners when they are incapable (e.g. they are in coma, unconscious or mentally unable) of doing so.

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