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Government Policies/Strategies

The Climate Change Strategy and Action Agenda

With an aim to assess the impacts of climate change on Hong Kong, and to recommend long-term strategies and measures to reduce GHG emission, the Environment Bureau published the “Hong Kong’s Climate Change Strategy and Action Agenda” for public consultation in 2010, which commissioned the bureaux and departments concerned to implement measures to reduce carbon intensity by 50% to 60% from the 2005 level by 2020.  In November 2015, the "Hong Kong Climate Change Report 2015" was released, which outlined the efforts of the Government and the private sector in response to climate change.

The Climate Action Plan 2030+

In response to the Paris Agreement which came into force in November 2016, the Climate Action Plan 2030+ was published on 20 January 2017 by the Environment Bureau, which seeks to outline the longer-term actions in combating climate change, and setting out the target to reduce Hong Kong’s carbon intensity by 65% to 70% by 2030 compared with the level in 2005.

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