[LLM in Human Rights at The University of Hong Kong] APPLICATION DEADLINE IS NOW 27 MARCH 2020!


The application deadline for the LLM in Human Rights Programme at The University of Hong Kong is now 27 March 2020.

The Programme was designed to equip students with academic and practical knowledge about international human rights law and its domestic implementation. It covers substantive and procedural law relevant to the practice of human rights and also draws on materials and concepts from other disciplines to ensure that the law is understood in context. While the curriculum is international and considers human rights developments around the world, it focuses on issues of particular relevance to Asia.

Hong Kong, which is geographically in the centre of Asia, is an exciting place to study human rights law. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights has been directly implemented into the constitutional framework and the courts have produced progressive rights jurisprudence on a range of issues. Civil society advocacy for human rights protection is particularly strong.

Applications are also open for the Pam Baker Scholarship in Human Rights (for local students) and the Wong Family Scholarships (for non-local students coming from jurisdictions in the Global South, especially within the Asian region). Full or partial scholarships will be awarded to a limited number of qualified students enrolled in the Programme.

To learn more:

(The Human Rights Hub website) https://www.hrhub.law.hku.hk/llm

(The Faculty of Law website) https://llm.law.hku.hk/hr/

To apply:


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